How to clean an iron

If you use a spray or other products they can leave dirt on the plate of the iron. That dirt can cause a lot of health problems. We all need to take care of that. Irons are easy to clean if you know the regular basis.

You can use dish soap or you can buy professional iron cleaners from your local fabric store. But we’ll show you some quick alternatives with stuff you already got at home.

1. Baking soda

clean iron with baking soda

Use one table spoon of baking soda. Mix it with a lemon juice. You must get a paste consistency. Then apply it to your iron plate. Let the first coat dry and scrub it with cotton ball. You can apply several coats for better results.

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2. Paracetamol tablet

Heat up your iron a little bit at first. Take one tablet and rub it on iron. After use any fabric to clean the iron plate. That’s all.

3. Tooth paste

clean iron with tooth paste

For this you’ll need vinegar, toothpaste, baking soda, abrasive sponge and a bowl. Mix toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar into a paste. Heat the iron to medium. Use the abrasive part of the sponge to scrub the iron plate. Scrub at least 5 minutes. Then clean it with any fabric.

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4. Aluminum foil

For this one you just need to scrub your iron plate with an aluminum foil. Make a little foil ball and scrub that dirt away.

5. Baby powder

clean iron with baby powder

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If your iron has some stickiness to it you just need to heat it up a little bit and apply some baby powder. Then wipe of the excess powder and you’re done.


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