How to drink apple cider vinegar

On the shelves of almost any grocery shop you can easily find Apple cider vinegar. However, does everyone know what this vinegar can be used not only for cooking?

The use of apple cider vinegar is very diverse. It is used as a treatment for certain diseases like fight obesity and for cosmetic procedures.

In this article we will tell you what diseases you can treat using vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of variety of nutrients:

  • Mineral substances, micro and macro elements: potassium, calcium, fluorine, silicon, sodium, phosphorus, copper, iron and many other substances.
  • Organic acids: acetic, citric, lactic, propionic.
  • Ballast substances: potassium carbonate, pectin.
  • Different groups of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C, d, E, and beta-carotene.

Apple cider vinegar is used for the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Varicose veinsVaricose veins

It is prepared as follows: into a glass of warm boiled water you need to add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey. The solution should be mixed thoroughly and divided into two parts. (To drink they need, respectively, for two doses – morning and night). Treatment should continue for at least a month, after which it can be repeated after a week break.

  • Fungal diseases of nail plates of hands and feetApple Cider Vinegar

Boil four quarts of water; add two cups of salt, a half cup of apple cider vinegar and five drops of iodine. After the water has cooled to room temperature, the lower back of the affected limb and keep it to cool down. After bath, dry your nails and brush them with a solution of iodine. Be prepared for the fact that the first few days at the time of application of iodine, you can experience painful sensations. Treatment should continue until complete recovery.

  • Sore throatVinegar

Vinegar is almost indispensable in the treatment of this unpleasant disease, such as angina. For this you will need to dissolve one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and five drops of iodine in a glass of water. Gargle with this solution every hour. Rinse your mouth and immediately spit out as it contains a huge amount of toxins. When you have the fifth part of the solution, it is necessary not only to gargle, but to swallow the mixture. This is necessary in order to have the back of the throat cleaned from bacterial cells. After the pain in the throat decreases, the rinsing interval can be increased up to three hours.

  • Runny nose

Good ally vinegar can be a great treatment in when you got cold. The application is very simple – take two cotton swabs, soak them in apple cider vinegar and place in the nasal passages, at least 10 minutes. A day can be carried out not more than 4 such procedures. Otherwise, the effect will not be as effective.

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