How to get rid of alcohol breath

Alcoholic breath has one cause – toxic products. Their elimination improves health and removes unpleasant smell. But first, let’s see how you can easily conceal this kind of problem in case of emergency situations.

There are events that are impossible to imagine without alcoholic drinks. But as we know, drinking alcohol can be a cause of some problems like bad breath. There are cases that we need to conceal that.

Let’s start…

  1. The oral hygiene. Not to smell the fumes you can brush your teeth or use a special refreshing spray. These funds are able to cover that smell only for 15 minutes.The oral hygiene
  2. Chewing gum. A simple, affordable method to quickly kill the smell of fume. But there is one drawback. This is valid for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. We suggest you to buy chewing gum with a fruity taste.alcohol breath
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Coffee, black and green teas stimulate the kidneys and have a diuretic effect, contributing to the withdrawal of the remnants of the alcohol. But you can drink only if there are no problems with heart and blood pressure. One cup every 4-5 hours will be enough.
  4. Physical activity. The first thing to take is a walk in the park in the fresh air for 20-30 minutes, or at least open the window in the room. Easy charging too.rid of alcohol breath
  5. The correct food. To improve overall health, we advise you to eat a bowl of soup, borsch or omelet. The first two dishes are rich in vitamins, omelet – protein and amino acids that help the liver to process the residues of ethanol. For dessert you can try some fruits, especially the ones with the most diuretic effects like watermelon or strawberry.

You have additional tips against bad breath? Then leave them in the comments section down below.



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