How to get rid of mosquito bite

You may not even notice when a mosquito bites you, but these small insects leave a nasty bump with an itch that can last for days. Did you know that you can beat the itch with things that are probably already lying around your house?

Most mosquito bites are harmless. Mosquitoes bite because they are attracted to human blood. The bite, which might not appear until hours later, creates a bump that is typically swollen, sore, or itchy.

It’s possible that mosquitoes can carry diseases, although the chance of being infected by a mosquito depends somewhat on where you live.

We want to share with you some natural remedies that will help you to get rid of that bites:

1. Crushed Icemosquito bite

The coolness reduces the hot, uncomfortable inflammation, and numbs the area enough to drive away the sensation of itching for the time being. It can get a little messy, but I prefer to place an ice cube directly on the bite, versus putting some in a plastic bag and holding it on.

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2. Aloe Veratreat mosquito bite

Aloe Vera has many uses beyond shelf decoration. There is strong evidence that aloe has potential use as a treatment for psoriasis, herpes and constipation.

The gel has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to heal minor wounds or calm infections, and it may be a good bet for healing a bug bite. To try this, cut open a plant, and apply the plant’s gel to the area that’s irritated.

3. Cucumbertreat skin bites

This is the same method as it was with the ice-only with a cucumber instead of it. Cucumber is more effective than ice. Cucumbers do have an anti-inflammatory constituent known as fisetin, which has been shown to inhibit several inflammatory causing cytokines. Cytokines are basically a broad and generalized group of proteins that signal cells to act a certain way. If your bites are terrible and you’re desperate for relief, feel free to see if it helps with the itching.

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Slice up a cucumber and store the slices in the refrigerator. When you need it, hold the slice over the bite until the itching stops. It’s cool, soothing, and unlike the ice the cucumber won’t melt against your skin, so simply hold it there until you get relief.

4. Baking Soda

Found in virtually every kitchen, it’s almost as though baking soda can be used for anything — from baking bread to clearing drains. Otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate, it’s also a mosquito bite remedy.

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It’s easy to make a baking soda paste. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with just enough water to create a paste. Apply it to the bug bite for 10 minutes before washing away.

Show your results with us in the comments section. We hope that these tips will help you.


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