How to grow a pineapple

Fast and easy ways to grow pineapples at home – 100% effective.

It is really easy to grow a pineapple

  • All you need is to take a fresh pineapple (make sure to choose one, which is evenly ripped, with a nice healthy set of green leaves at the top).
  • Twist the leaves off the top of the pineapple (grab the pineapple with one hand and use the other one to grab the leaves at the base and twist them off).grow pineapple
  • Strip off some of the lower leaves to expose the stem. This helps the stem sprout roots once it is planted. Strip until few inches of the stem are exposed.
  • Set the pineapple crown aside for a few days to allow the wound to dry. Pineapples are very susceptible to rot, so it’s important to dry out the cutted end before planting.
  • Put the crown in the water. The stem should be submerged in the water and the leaves should stick out.pineapple seeds
  • Do NOT place the glass under a direct sunlight. It will need to remain in a jar for at least 3 weeks, while the roots emerge little by little. It’s important, that you change the water after every second day.
  • After 3 weeks the roots will be 2-3 inches in length and the crown will be ready for transplantation.planting pineapple
  • Take a pot with good drainage system and fill it with potting mixture, which can be made at home, by adding 40% normal garden soil + 20% vermin compost or decomposed cow dung + 20% fine sand + 20% coco peat.
  • Make a hole in the centre of the potting mixture and place the crown in the hole.
  • Keep the plant moisturized and warm. It needs sunny, warm and humid environment.
  • After 10-15 days new leaves will emerge from the centre.

Pineapples are easy to grow at home and this is one of the easiest ways to do that.

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