How to know that person truly loves you

You fell in love, but don’t know if there’s a mutual feeling? You can easily find out with these signs.

In this article we want to show you some tips, which will help you to find out more about your partner’s feelings.


One of the ways to understand that person loves you are calls. Interest in you and in the joint pastime clearly indicates that the person definitely has feelings for you, and he/she is not shy about showing it. For girls, just as for boys, personal time is very valuable and if you see that he/she often wants to spend it with you, which means that he/she is taking the first steps in this direction.

2. GiftsDoes he love me?

Another good sign to understand that he/she loves you are gifts, as corny as it may sound. When a person gives you gifts, it means that he wants to make you pleased, to make you happy, not just simply giving you a beautifully raped object.

3. Interestsdoes she love me?

Very often girls think the whole world revolves around them and prioritize only their own interests. You meet only when it is convenient for her, go wherever she wants and sometimes with her friends, because now she wants to see them. This means that she just ignores you. Try a couple of times to tell her “no” and put your interests higher than hers. Then just watch her reaction and further development, this will tell about a lot of things. This method will help with the question “how to check that girl really loves you”.

And probably the most important one:

4. Inspiration

How to understand that a person is in love with you? Very simple. After each meeting he/she will raise the mood, will be grateful, will say that she/he had a good time with you, it is a very good sign. So you feed him/her emotionally. And such feelings are very difficult to refuse, so the person wants to renew and nurture your relationship. Just look at his/her behavior after your meetings, it will speak for itself.

Share your experiences and tips with us in the comments section below. We are very interested to know whether these tips are your case.



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