How to plant an avocado tree

Who doesn’t like avocados, right? They are very tasty as well as healthy! Avocado contains good fats, which do not raise “bad” cholesterol levels. So, it’s good for your heart health, weight management and type and healthy living, in general. They are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. But it’s surprisingly easy to grow your own avocado tree from a seed. We want to share with you really easy and awesome tips and tricks of growing avocado tree at home. Are you ready? Then, let’s get started!

At first, you’ll need some ripe avocado.

ripe avocado

Cut it down and take off the seed. Wash it gently.

avocado tree

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A lot of people skip this step, but you really need to clean the brown skin that covers the seed. After that, take toothpicks (you need 3-4 of them) and pierce them in lines.

You will need to place the end of the root in water.

grow avocados

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Place avocado seed half submerged in a clear glass of fresh water. Be careful! The top part must NOT be inside the water. Wait for your avocado seed to sprout (be patient with it).

Be sure to change water whenever it gets dirty.

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After few weeks you can place it in soil.

Yes, it was that’s easy! Take care of your tree and enjoy your tasty avocados.


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