How to plant potatoes

Many gardeners believe that they know everything about growing potatoes. However, not all of them can boast of a rich harvest.

We will show you very easy ways to ensure that you get a good harvest at home. The first method, which we are going to tell you about, is the “growing potatoes in straw” method.grow potatoes

This method is almost hundred years old, the authorship belongs to the Russian scientist-grower Rutov. He made the bed, slightly compacted the soil and laid on the surface of tubers, digging them into the ground. On top of the tubers took refuge chopped wet straw layer 15 – 20 cm. And if you increase layer of the straw to 25 cm, it is possible to easily get rid of the weeds. When the shoots reach the film, it is necessary to make the slots for them.

The following method is not less easy and effective – it’s growing “in a barrel”.plant potatoes

It’s a way to get small lots of tubers. The point is to dig a pit depth of not less than 40 cm, make at the bottom of the bed of compost is 7 – 8 cm, put on her big healthy tuber and cover with a layer of compost with a thickness of 9 – 10 cm. When the seedlings reach 2 – 3 cm, sprinkle them again the same way. Repeat this several times. At the end of vegetation the pit is filled with tubers!

Arrange the potatoes in a checkerboard pattern. And last, but not least, the easiest way is to grow potatoes in a bag.homegrown potatoes

This method is convenient for those, who don’t want to arrange the beds on the plot. Fill large plastic bags with fertile mix of compost, soil and compost. Then make diamond-shaped slits on the sides of the bags. Bags planted with potatoes in the form of tables place in those places, where you feel comfortable (but not in the shadow), the edges of the site, along ditches between fruit trees.

Compared to conventional planting, the harvest will increase almost twice, and it will be very convenient to assemble – just tapping out the soil out of the bag.

Share with us other ways of growing potatoes or your results; we are very interested to know your opinion.



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