How to Read Women's Body Language for Flirting

Researchers have found that very often body language is more understandable than words. While much of the body language that comes into play between men and women is instinctual, men can learn how to read female body language when they flirt and make sure that they understand the signs correctly.

Step 1.flirting signals

Consider the stance of the woman. If her feet or legs are pointing toward you, then she is most likely interested. The shoulders also can be revealing. If she leans her shoulders forward when you speak, she is ready to flirt. And if she positions her feet toward the door, she is most likely getting ready to bolt. When she turns her shoulders away from you, even though she may continue speaking with you, she is not interested.

Step 2.woman flirt

Watch her hands. Women touch their erogenous zones when they are very interested in you. They will touch their necks and lips and may apply lipstick when they know you are watching. If they do that, they are sending flirtatious signals.

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Step 3.

Get ready to respond when a woman touches you. Even if the touch seems accidental and lasts only a moment, touching is a sign of communication that show trust or aggressiveness, either of which means a woman is ready to move the communication closer or at least to another level.

Step 4.

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Leave a space of about 4 feet between you and the woman as you approach her. Researchers at have found that about 4 feet is an acceptable social distance to maintain. When the woman crosses that closes the space between you, then you can be assured that she is flirting with you.

Step 5.body language

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Look into her eyes for signs of flirting. A direct look that lasts longer than a few seconds can indicate interest. If woman’s pupils become dilated while you stare into her eyes, than she may be getting aroused and want to see more of you. To avoid coming off as threatening, woman may hold your gaze for a quick moment, but return for a second look to assure you of her interest. When that second look is accompanied by a smile, she is flirting with you.

When a woman mimics your own body language, whether it’s how you hold your arms or something else, she is signaling that she feels a rapport with you and is comfortable flirting with you.


Be careful about misinterpreting when a woman is flirting with you. If you’re unsure of the signals, consider the setting. For example, the funeral of a woman’s husband is an inappropriate setting for flirting – so don’t interpret the widow’s need for solace as flirting.


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