How to remove gel nails

Gel manicures are a beauty blessing, but the removing process is another important story to know.


Whatever you do, DON’T Peel:

The biggest and worst mistake is peeling and scraping gel off incorrectly—this can be extremely harmful. Think of it like this: the cells of your nails are like the tiles on a roof. If you start aggressively pulling the polish off, you are not only removing the gel, but also the top layers of these delicate cells, elaborated the pros.

Make sure you have the right tools:

While having your gel manicure professionally removed is optimal, with a little patience you can achieve the same, not damaged results at home. To make it happen, you will need acetone, cotton balls, foil and a wood nail stick.

Maximum strength acetone is a must:

As for the acetone, no need to spend double the amount on a brand name that states it’s specifically for gel removal. Just make sure that it’s labeled as maximum strength and that it doesn’t say non-acetone.

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Protect your cuticles:

Creating a barrier between your cuticles and the acetone is key. Since you must cover your entire nail bed with acetone-soaked cotton to ensure that the gel is removed properly, that barrier layer will help from ravaging and drying out delicate cuticles during the process.cuticles

Let it soak:

To soak the nail, assign one cotton ball per nail, completely dosing it in acetone. Once wet, grab pieces of foil and tightly wrap around nail bed, with the cotton ball situated directly on top of the nail. How long you let it sit will depend. It might take 20, 30 or even 40 minutes to dissolve the gel properly. If the nail has soaked properly for a good amount of time, you should easily be able to wipe off the gel with firm finger-pressure only. If the gel is still being stubborn after this time, grab your wood tool and scrape the spot very gently.gel nail

Moisturize nails:

Once all of the gel has been removed, the nail beds will look dry and brittle at first, so make sure to properly moisturize with nail oil.remove gel from nails
Another way to revive nails post-gel is to take a timeout for an overnight, hydration treatment. Apply a healthy amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor to your cuticles and gently rub it into your nail beds right before you go to bed

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