How to remove odors from your car

As you drive your car each day, you’re eating, drinking or even smoking in it! This can cause stains or scents that create an offensive odor over time. However, there are couple of easy and inexpensive methods you can use to eliminate car odors, allowing you to breathe easily!

1. Identify the odorIdentify the odor

It is important for this process to identify the source of your car odor first. Once you are able to identify what is causing the smell, you can then decide the best way to restore your car to a clean state.

Some of the most common causes of odor include food, drinks, smoke or mildew. Over time, a spilled drink or long-forgotten food may have settled in the crevices of your car, creating an unpleasant odor.

2. Clean your car

One of the easiest tips to eliminate car odor is a simple one – clean your car. Start by removing trash from your seats and floor. Check for any trash that may have fallen in hard-to-reach spaces and take a look in all compartments, including your trunk.

When you’re done removing trash from your car, treat your car’s upholstery with a stain remover. After removing the stain, vacuum the area to remove dirt and help dry the upholstery. Be sure to completely dry your car’s upholstery. A damp carpet can promote the growth of mold, making the already smelly car even worse.

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Using stain-fighting products to clean your car’s interior is a great way to eliminate car odors.

Dryer sheets – Eliminate car odors with dryer sheets, which is an easy way to absorb the offending odor inside your car.

Coffee beans – Leaving coffee beans in your car is an effective way to absorb odors. All you’ll need is a container with about seven ounces of coffee beans. You can also opt to use coffee grounds, but beans will help you to avoid the hassle of cleaning up any unnecessary smell

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Baking soda – A lot of drivers found out that sprinkling baking soda on their upholstery helps to eliminate car odors. After sprinkling the baking soda, allow it to sit on the upholstery and slowly absorb the unwanted odor. Use a vacuum-cleaner to collect the substance, as well as any dirt that may be left behind.

3. Consider the role weather playsexterior car odors

During warm days, avoid leaving items in your car that may melt of direct sunlight.

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Tips to eliminate exterior car odors

An odor that is coming from the exterior of your car could indicate a serious problem. If you notice that your car is emitting an unidentifiable smell from beneath the hood, contact a professional automobile expert to identify the cause of the odor.


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