How to treat sunburn

Summer is the best time for vacation, beach and of course sunbathing. In pursuit of fashion, we are trying to get a perfect chocolate tan … but the results do not always justify our hopes. Instead of a beautiful tan we often get sunburns. If you’ve already fried yourself in the sun, follow these simple tips to reduce pain and ease your sunburn.

First of all, you should use cool milk, yogurt or sour cream compresses, which will help you to alleviate irritation.


You can also apply makeup that contains aloe. This will help to soothe and cool burnt skin.

aloe vera for sunburn

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Grater raw potatoes or egg whites will also help to relieve irritation of the skin.

We do not advise to rub fat cream and other cosmetics that contain large amounts of alcohol. When skin is exfoliating, it is recommended to moisten the skin with lotions at least 3 times a day.

The most important thing is to remember that in case of tough burns it is necessary to visit a doctor.

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tough burns

Sunbathing can strengthen the immune system, give the right amount of vitamin D, improve metabolism. But too much sun is harmful for your health and beauty.

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